Feb 18 musings…

  • Busy, busy busy…

Very keen on Golden Gal, the latest single released from the new Animal Collective album Painting With.

The weather has turned from cold to warmer, so this is a delightful soundtrack to it. Has also kicked me into my obsession with PBMTGR I had earlier this year.


  • Happy 10th birthday to Silent Shout!!


Feb 2 musings…

  • I’ve been spending hours of my time playing Fallout 4 recently, and have become extremely fond of the fare on Diamond City Radio. I woke this morning with Uranium Fever stuck in my head.

Which got me thinking about popular music from several decades ago which I enjoy and were introduced to me from contemporary media.

Patsy Cline‘s Back In Baby’s Arms, released in 1969 (I would have much said earlier, but there you go), features memorably in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers.

Back in 1963 Andy Williams released Can’t Get Used To Losing You and was used to great effect in the television series Sons Of Anarchy.


  • Oh, and Lying In The Grass has been released!! Only listened to once so far (because I absolutely have to go to bed now) but sounds great, hey!