Feb 24 musings…

  • I’ve been listening to a fuck load of Kanye‘s TLOP this week. I have many thoughts. I’ll try to get a review up here soonish.


  • Just saw the vinyl of Yuzo Koshiro‘s Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack is imminent on Data Discs Records. Gotta get on this!! I’ve got their previous four releases, all are stunning soundtracks beautifully presented by a company who clearly care deeply about video games and music.

Feb 22 musings…

Scored some classic Slam (from 1993) on vinyl in an op shop on the weekend, yes!!!

Have to say I was delighted at the amount of teenagers digging through the CDs. I have to admit I occasionally feel a pang of guilt or social awkwardness purchasing CDs in 2016 – but it’s something I genuinely enjoy collecting – for a number of reasons, I’ll probably write about it at some point – but it made me smile to see, in the time I was in the store, four young people looking through (and importantly picking up) a handful of compact discs…

Speaking of those wondrous shiny discs of music, I did my own digging and decided on getting BT‘s 1997 album ESCM. Absolutely loved Movement In Still Life back in the day, but never heard this album. Really excited with what I’ve heard so far. Ah, those late nineties trance vibes!

Love this review from Discogs user HipsterDoofus:

I just put this on after not listening to it for many years. Man, I don’t remember the last time I danced that hard without being drunk.

Feb 17 musings…

Did some digging in op shops today and came away with a record, CD and cassette!

So excited to find Wishful Thinking single by China Crisis on wax. I think they’re an extremely underrated band.

Saw a mint copy of Zero 7‘s second album on CD I couldn’t say no to. And yeah, that’s Sia singing.

Speaking of second album’s, I came across Kylie Minogue‘s Enjoy Yourself on cassette for 50 cents and I have no shame in adding it to my collection!!

Feb 16 musings…

  • So today I found myself watching The Grammy’s _ against my better judgement.

Considering Kendrick Lamar was up for so many awards I thought this was the year they got real and recognized such breathtaking talent.

But no. Surprising myself, I briefly got angry about it. No shade at Taylor Swift, she makes cool pop music, but TPAB is an astonishing work of passionate music. How could they not award it album ov the year, O-M-G!!! Eh, any way

  • Today has been one of the coldest February days in Melbourne for over a decade. Today’s playlist has been on a deep house and minimal techno tip.


Palms has a new EP out this month too, BTW!