Feb 5 musings…

  • I started out my Friday with the news Deftones, one of my all time favourite bands, had hours ago debuted the first song from their new album. Gore, their eight studio album, is out in April. They premiered Prayers/Triangles on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. It’s a beautiful song and makes me ravenous to hear the whole album.

I really am quite in awe at how the band has evolved and stayed fresh for more than two decades.

Listening to the new song, I couldn’t help but reflect on how I discovered the band in the early 2000s. It was through playing the videogame Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX on my Sega Dreamcast. The song Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) was on the game’s soundtrack and I absolutely loved it. And so began a passionate love affair.

So it’s a bizarre coincidence to be ending my Friday upon hearing the news of the death of Dave Mirra today.

And my mind wanders to another highlight from that game’s soundtrack, Sublime‘s What I Got.

Life is too short so love the one you got
Cause you might get run over
Or you might get shot


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