Ae on NTS, as it happened

Obviously Melbourne times, took place 3pm – 4pm London time.

1:59am david bowie’s rebel rebel serenades us from the previous show into Autechre taking over the airwaves on London’s NTS Live radio

2:00am it’s starting!!

2:02am some of this sounds like a distant pop tune going through a universal washing machine

2:05am we’ve got weird noises. I’m prone to saying machine gun-like pitter patter but probably just because i’ve been gaming for the last few hours

2:06am this sounds almost hafler trio-esque

2:07am this is odd. this is odd for 2 in the morning. i can only imagine how weird of an experience this would be listening in the afternoon in the uk

2:09am it’s really not all the fallout 4 i’ve been ploughing through, this does sound like pop radio after a nuclear holocaust

2:10am it’s less weird now

2:11am okay, it’s a bit weird again

2:13am this is pretty cool

2:15am this is fucking bizarre and it’s wonderful and did luke vibert sample this for shadows ’cause it totally sounds like it

2:17am oh is this going to be something like that amazing mix they did for mary anne hobbes just before quaristice came out?

2:21am yeap, yeap i’ve heard them play this spoken bit before – oh and this incredible piece about drowning, i think from Delia Derbyshire

2:23am indeed:

2:26am so not the same as the MAH thing, but one of their radio presenting type things

2:40am …just enjoying this…

3:00am oh dear, it’s all over! Jumping in me bed now!


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