Jan 15 musings…


Yes! It opens with haunting pads. Wasn’t entirely sure about the vocals at first (and this is from someone who loves their remixes with lyrics) but they have quickly grown on me. Love the way they utilise the vocals, layering them into a subtly cacophonous emotional rise, just beautiful.

From two minutes in I’m pretty much getting a vague bizarro world 90s alt rock vibe from an alternate dimension. Stellar!!

And that finale: floating on those Boccian cLOUDs.

So happy. Trying hard not to overplay this but can’t help but have it on repeat.


  • Speaking of having tracks on repeat, last night’s soundtrack to my internet doodlings was Baby Ford‘s Mystery Falls. Or Should I say Rhythm Maker‘s Rosmarin.

So I just discovered the brouhaha over Baby Ford releasing a track in 2014 that had already been released back in 2003 by another artist.

From scouring the ‘net for clarification, it seems the closest I can get to understanding it all is that Baby Ford had a bunch of DATs from the early 2000s, thought they were all his (evidently not) and released one of them as his own (after some slight modifications). Oops.

Aside from the drama/confusion I actually really love the track. It’s a prime example of minimal techno that works its atmospheric and repetitive charm over my brain and feet. Plus now I get to discover the other works of Rhythm Maker.


  • Just jumped on Ferox’s 2014 compilation, Adventures In Techno Soul 3. Cheap and full of delicious cuts, like this smouldering effort from Move D:

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