Jan 13 musings…

  • Anna von Hausswolff is a Swedish singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who creates otherworldly music. Her third album, The Miraculous, was released in November 2015. An organ with 9,000 pipes is responsible for much of the droning sound-scapes across the record. So far I’ve only sampled the second single, Evocation, but it’s certainly got me intrigued to check out the rest of the material.


  • Exciting news: Robert Hood is back with three EPs and an album coming soon on Dutch label Dekmantel. It’s a return to his more minimal style he’s best at. Teaser vidya’s got me extremely excited!


  • Oh boy this is a nice bit of atmospheric deep techno from France’s Coni. Released in late 2015 on Trilogy Tapes.


  • Been quite taken by the artist I Am A Lake Of Burning Orchids. Can’t really find much info about him so far, but keen to explore the depths of the ‘net to find out more.

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