Jan 8 musings

  • It’s Friday night.

After a difficult week of slogging away behind a desk it’s time to Relax™, time to slink out into the night and have some fun.

Pop some ‘ludes and hit the clubs. Get swept up in the sweaty euphoria of it all. Forget everything that’s ever happened to you. Forget everything that awaits you. RIGHT NOW is the only thing that matters.

It’s his ass you really want, but unexpectedly it hits you in the heart, too. That dude across the room. This could be the greatest night of your life. It probably is.

He’s so fucking beautiful it almost hurts to look at him. It fills you with a radiance unlike ever before. You can’t feel the floor any more. The room could be empty for all you care.

But you can feel the blood hurtling through your veins, your heart about to pop out of your chest, your dick straining against your Calvin Klein button fly boxer briefs.

One of those precious nights where everything was perfect. That’s how you’ll reflect on this night, years from now.

Now, his taste lingers on your tongue, inside your nostrils. His image falls inside and outside of the sheets like a moonlit glass bottle carried by waves.

Sleep plays tricks with reality. The pillow is so soft. Soft and warm. And you don’t know his name and this is perfect and soon, soon the sun will come up.


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