Jan 6 musings

  • Holy fuck.


Let me tell you: sometimes I get overwhelmed. There’s so much music coming out all the time. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Not only new stuff, but old stuff that’s been “rediscovered” and is “vital”. Too much for one person to listen to in a lifetime. It’s almost suffocating.

I can understand why most people just give up and are content with rehashing the teenage music that was meaningful to them before the soul-crushing monotony of life took over.

I almost want to say, “I give up. It’s just too much.”

But then I sober up and realise – really – you’ve managed this far. Just keep doing whatever you’be been doing. Don’t sweat it. Go with the flow.

The best you can is good enough

And then those moments hit, that remind you why you keep going. Those startling, all too rare moments.

Tonight I stumbled upon the new album by Shapednoise, “Different Selves“.


I’m really enjoying the whole affair and then I get to the track Heart Energy Shape. And holy fuck.

My heart is racing. I’m falling off my chair like I can’t believe what I’m listening to, as if it has no right to exist and yet and yet I am hearing it. There’s a stupid grin all over my damn face. I am in love with you, so in love with you.

This. This is why I seek out new musics, to have this incredible feeling of bliss roll all over me. Breathtaking!!!


  • It is in that mindset I returned to Female‘s astonishing late nineties record Angel Plague.


And you know what, let me tell you: I missed this album when it originally came out in 1999. And then I somehow didn’t cross paths with it at all in all those years it existed in the world ~until finally~ in October 2015 it was beautifully repressed because it really is a vital record.

The best you can is good enough.


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