Jan 5 musings

  • Listened to Nico Motte‘s forthcoming album Life Goes On If You Are Lucky twice today. Really liking the retro vibes I’m getting from it. Also seriously awesome cover art:



  • Seriously, how good is this song:

I know, right?! So good. It’s Doug Hream Blunt. As the story goes he went to music school to learn how to music in his mid-30s and he did and he made musics in the 1980s with a bunch of his classmates and then he kinda fell off the face of the Earth except a bunch of in the know people knew of him and stuff and really liked him and so recently his stuff was put out in a proper reissue release and seriously how good is Fly Guy.

And apparently I’ve been a in the know person all this time, so cool I didn’t even know I was this cool, because I’ve been listening to Doug Hream Blunt for years without actually realising it because Hype Williams slowed down Doug‘s song Gentle Persuasion for a track on their seminal Untitled album from 2010. Wow.


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