Reflections on 2015


Another wonderful year of music has just passed! I ❤ 2O15.

Seriously. My general feeling on these matters *in the nicest, friendliest way possible* is that if you can’t immediately think of ten albums you loved this (last) year it’s not because ten albums you’d love weren’t released, it’s just that you didn’t search hard enough for them. Believe me, there’s oodles of amazing music out there, just waiting for you to find it, regardless of what genre(s) tickle your fancy.

It’s funny looking below at my lonely post(s) from 2015. Dumb Flesh and Dream A Garden ended up being my favourites of the year. Blanck Mass was a real slow-burning grower on me. Real talk: listening to Lung on evening bus rides home was one of my most favourite delights of the year, what with its 70s spy drama intrigue creeping through the shadows from my headphones.

Also adored the new Sun Kil Moon, Universal Themes. Feel like it got shunned because of peoples personal attitudes towards Mark K. Really, if you thought Benji was fab there’s really no reason not to feel the shame way about UT. I was a bit sceptical at first but my heart was taken by the album in a big way. It probably didn’t hit as hard as Benji, with that being my introduction to the world of Kozelek and co, but boy it’s really hard to fault it if what you wants iz a big bowl of Moon. (that last sentence sounds really dumb but i’m not going to change it. i’m trying to sound xc001x but it comes across as inauthentic and lame but secretly i hope that it ultimately is ENdearing ]. /??

Like seriously this is how i want to write, so fuck yeah, this is how i;m going to write.

The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making by Mark Fell and Gábor Lázár. My favourite album title of the year and another joyful release of 2015. Also I have it ON FUCKING BEAUITUFL REDD VINYL.


Just look @ those bad boys.

The album is fucking killer. I love Mark F but to be honest I’d never heard of Gábor. 2bhonest X2 = i still actually haven’t checked out any of his solo stuff. SOz dude. I’ll try to get around to it later, but in the meantime this was an incredible album. Does your head in a bit if you listen to it too much, but all powerful stuff is like that, i suppose.

>Was listening to 0Pn‘s Replica and accidently mixed in some of NOMDM – sounded fucking beast over Remember <<

There was a bunch of other thrilling albums and eps/singles in the year. Speaking of 0PN, Garden Of Delete was sadly the first r-less RRRRelease but made up for all of this catastrophe by being another bloody masterpiece. iF i could eat music i would eat No Good because it’s just so much delicious.

Speaking of delicious:


Some dude called K. Lamar released a quite decent album* (HAND ON MY HEART ALRIGHT MADE ME CRY BECAUSE OF ALL THE DAMN STUPID INEQUALITY AMERICANS OF AFRICAN DESCENT HAVE TO DEAL WITH BUT ” NIGGA WE GON’ BE ALRIGHT ” 🙂 ) THE album cover really was fantastic as well. If you think you don’t like rap music listen to this damn album (To Pimp A Butterfly) and if you still think it’s a worthless genre, well that’s okay, you’re entitled to your shitty and dumb and wrong opinion^.

* see I’m using whatever the opposite of hyperbole is to make the point it’s a fucking solid album worthy of all the love and attention it got

^ in my humble opinion, hee hee! 🙂 🙂

$ what that geraldo news dude said was super dumb dumb

More albums of goodness:

  • Julia Holter continues to be splendid and made an album called  Have You In My Wilderness.  It was typically beautiful and amazing. Also her dog is cute.
  • Jenny Hval released Apocalypse, girl  and i really liked/loved it a deal.
  • I feel a bit self-conscious listing two women side by side like it’s the obligatory vagina hour, gotta mention some womens music!! But no, really, I don’t hate women.
  • Holly Her-
  • um, I really liked the Viet Cong album a lot. I wasn’t even offended by their name!!
  • Holly Herndon did a really good album. She is a woman.
  • Fated by Nosaj Thing seemed quite underrated to myself. I remember taking a long walk in the bush listening to that album. Nice memory and really cool album,
  • .Levon Vincent, self-titled debut. Took a bit of time to grow on me but really lovely. I think it sounds best when listened to in one sitting.
  • There was lots of other stuff!!!

These were a bunch of songs (mostly singles from albums i didn’t mention above) i really liked:

02 Unknown Artist Untitled (Florian Kupfer, SAD Edit 01, Side B)
03 DICK DIVER Year In Pictures
05 BATTLES The Yabba
06 SHAMIR On The Regular
07 SUFJAN STEVENS Fourth of July
09 GOLD CLASS My Life As A Gun
10 WILEY Step 2001

13 Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber Where Are Ü Now$
14 TANLINES Slipping Away
15 MISSY ELLIOTT WTF (Where They From?)
16 FOUR TET Morning
18 ADAM LAMBERT Ghost Town
20 JAMIE XX Sleep Sound

I forgot Hotline Bling by Darke^ and Go by The Chemical Brothers. And add Ad Astra by Deerhunter, really awesome and I should listen to the rest of Fading Frontiers.

^ honest slip of the keyboard but it made me laugh like a posh little racist kid, so I’m keeping it, sorry decency.

To Ü might be my favourite now, i dunno there’s a few really excellent tracks on that album.

* though Brainchild is my favourite track from Get To Heaven.

Love is all you need to know

Are you trying to be clever? ’cause you’re better when you don’t

Awesome lyrics in the awesome chorus in this awesome song.

I think this speaks volumes.

Bad stuff can happen in life. Music is nice and good. Love music, fuck hate and bad things.

Also I have probably tried to be too clever with my stream of consciousness but eh, it’s however my intention to express myself came out, so we’ll see how it develops over the coming year, this year 2016!!

Happy New Year, may it bring us many musical goodies.


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