Jan 2nd musings

  • Spent the evening listening to a bunch of music, including a few things from unitary’s nice Discog’s list Detroit Techno Compilations on CD. One highlight included:

Octave One Featuring Lisa Newberry ‎– I Believe (1990, Transmat)



  • Came across this cool list by Austen Walsh from The Needle Drop of his fave records of 2015. Agree heartily with his comments re: Sun Kil Moon. Good reading!


  • Can’t even remember how, but stumbled upon this album cover and was really taken by it:


This website has an informative and interesting interview with the artist behind it. I haven’t really listened to much Black Flag, so I’ll add this album to the list of stuff I should check out.


  • Completely missed Panda Bear‘s Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper when it came out about a year ago (despite being a fan of Tom Boy), but just came across this wonderful new video for Crosswords and really like the track very much. Have had it stuck in my head for much of the day. Will definitely have to check out the rest of the album.


  • The track that’s equally been stuck up in there with Noah is Dot Net by Battles. Again, it comes along with a very tasty and memorable video clip.

This Random Acts channel seems pretty awesome.


  • Speaking of Noah and his beastly gang, the Animal Collective have a new album coming this February (Painting With). FloriDada is the first song to be previewed from it. Initially I gotta say I didn’t like it but each new listen has cleared away the busyness I was hearing to make way for quite enjoyable listens. Now that I think about it I usually take time to get into AC stuff. Yeah, actually got it on repeat currently.




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