First week of June thoughts

Some random thoughts:

Jamie XX live performance of “Loud Places” on French TV was quite wonderful. Nice song. Sampled “In Colour“, a bit 50/50 so far.

Blanck Mass “Dumb Flesh” (May, 2015)

Love the cover. Given the album a number of listens and just not really feeling it.

Really love “Lung” and really like “Dead Format” though.


Jam City “Dream A Garden” (March, 2015)

Wasn’t a huge fan of this initially – found it very samey – but it has really grown on me. I like the gauzy 80s pop vibe with the dark underbelly. Very very nice.


Tanlines “Highlights” (May, 2015)

As an album it’s pretty underwhelming – but as above, it has grown on me, particularly the first four tracks – I get kind of bored of it after that.

Slipping Away” is a really lovely song, but lately had “Two Thousand Miles” popping into my head.



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