All This Gore


April 1: All This DJ Bone

It is April 1st but no joke that I’ve returned to jotting my thoughts down after about a month off blogging.

Some key thoughts:

  • I love The Life Of Pablo.
  • I love Painting With.
  • I love Rook to TN34.

I have had many wonderful op shop music finds which I hopefully will talk about at a date in the near future.

This morning I listened to the latest Exchanges interview podcast from RA with DJ Bone. He’s an outstanding figure in Detroit Techno, one of my favourites in a genre that’s extremely close to my heart.

He’s a gentleman and provides many fascinating opinions and anecdotes (not least that visiting Europe introduced him to the wonders of beans on toast!!).

Beautiful track that opens the podcast is No Sleep (True To Da Roots).

Absolutely pumped for his forthcoming albums.